Why Aquarius-Uranus Drives the USA? America’s Path to the Future

I have never viewed myself as a political crystal gazer; when I did political exploration throughout the long term it was because I was curious who might win a specific political decision. In those small scale investigates I did as much as was expected to find the solution looked for however it finished there. I was on a standard with numerous celestial prophets as I looked for the response to the 2008 political decision, proceeding to the introduction in 2009; I did not have substantially more as a top priority than scratching a mysterious tingle. However, as I amassed the vital material to scratch that tingle bits of knowledge came quick and furious. Abruptly or aim I unexpectedly had the mysterious workups of 43 presidents plus a few USA nation decisions, Verifying (amendment) work was done as important to the presidents as I continued.

Incredibly subjects began to introduce themselves quickly and certain presidents stood apart firmly as illustrative of those topics usagag politics. My examination was set up along lines that most stargazers would mold – beginning with the fundamentals. Using my IO Mac crystal gazing program I cast every individual in the standard western custom, looking from the start the Midheaven, Ascendant, ten bodies and the Lunar North Node. That is the point at which the experiences and disclosures started. As I took care of the examples, irregular associations began to show up with surprising recurrence, to such an extent that I would get tipsy with the attack of mindfulness. I scrutinized that if what I was acknowledging in these little smaller than usual blasts was valid, I was really on to something significant. I needed to build up a more coordinated framework for demonstrating or invalidating those glimmers.

Beginning with 13 essential situations for every I built an accounting page with four USA birth decisions at the top and each of the 43 presidents underneath the USA documentations in time request of administration to the nation. That gave me a precise, simple to-use lattice of the potential outcomes. My blazes of knowledge would live or pass on by strong confirmation and numbers. By then I had not genuinely picked which USA birth time I would use, however I had limited the decisions down to one date, July 4, 1776, and the four in all probability decisions for that date: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius rising. Independently I have clarified my decision of Virgo rising so I would not go into my thinking again here (no need to bring that up again) yet that solitary decision turned into the reason for the equilibrium of my exploration.

With the accounting page I had the option to effortlessly observe which president is very own positions (same decision of 13 positions) associated with (reverberated) with the USA 13 positions. I could now observe what every president offered to the nation or what the nation anticipated from every president. Truly it was that simple and that noticeable. A few subjects arose, yet three topics uncovered themselves as essential. That does not recommend that different topics were insignificant; yet with people just as nations, certain subjects are focal or center to the motivation behind such a presence.