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Leather scuplture-mask . Copper eyes , leather serpents crown and garnet stone lips.

PERSEPHONE : : goddes of the underworld.
Zeus and Demeter īs daughter , she was kidnapped by Hades, god of the underground world and Zeus ī brother , fell in love with Persephone - Proserpina - and kidnapped her while she was picking up flowers on a plain in the company of the Ocean nimphs. Her mother Demeter (goddes of fertile seed) searched her so furiously that it brought about fatal consequences for the Earth īs inhabitants , who could not watcht the seeds growing any more. Finally , Zeus orderer Hades to give Persephone back to her mother , but this was impossible since the girl broke the inflexible Hellīs law that warned that anyone who had eaten up, even a bit , from the reing of the dead could not possibly return to the world of the alive. In fact , Persephone had tried a single pomegranate seed , which was enough to chain her to the underground world forever. Demeter made Zeus let Persephone spend two thirds of the year (from spring to fall )with her and only one third (winter) with the kidnapper. The tradition of many European peoples keeps on Persephone and Demeter ī s archetypes in the characters of the "Maid of harvests" and "Mother of seed". .