Leather mask with a mixture of iron , sand and salt.
Rusty structure.
U$ 220
... I just know that old seamen prefer a thousand storms or treacherous reefs to calm seas with plenty of blue nostalgias ...
We can still observe rusty remainders among wrecked ships ...

"Valizas" Experimental video and photo performances

Cape Polonio, a region of oceanic beaches and shipwrecks , is the place where the experimental video "Valizas" was shot by Amelie Collins .
Masks and make - up were used to make this improvisation and research work.

Taking into account that nowadays most of the sea food is contaminated fish and waste, we have composed on the shape of a possible King of the Sea : a mixture of Poseidon and the overthrown King Lear , debased to the extent of a beachcomber (spanish : "bichicome")