It is important to remember that the time we need to fulfil the order will be taken into account from the moment we collect the total amount (*) according to the purchase. You may pay through Western Union and the remittance by Federal Express or E.M.S.

We can´t start working if the remittance is not carried out. The speed of this transaction will greatly benefit the final for delivery.

(*) The price of the masks neither includes the money order nor the delivery handling charge; it is the purchaser who should take charge of them.


If you are really interested in buying a mask and want to know about the shipping charges, just contact us by e-mail or phone and then we´ll be very pleased to reply.
ATTENTION : We can communicate (and likely understand each other) in English , Spanish , Portuguese , Italian and French

In case of any doubt or interest , please do contact us


Jorge Añón  - Valeria Lercari

 Phone: (598) 2481 2471

 Montevideo , Uruguay

 email :jorgeanon@mascared.com


On choosing a handicraft made of genuine stuff , neither its design nor color are exact or identical to the catalog model ; anyway, the differences are not significant at all.

None of the photos exhibited has been modified digitally or chemically.
We ourselves took most of the photos on the roof of our workshop ; we exploited the daylight and used a normal automatic camera.


(All the prices are in American Dollars)


I - Small size masks        U$ 25

(Little devils , goblins , little horns , little ghosts, half moons, butterflies , nobles , stars , barks , leaves , etc.)


II - Medium size      U$ 35

(Sticked masks , suns , owls , greeks , ondinas , kings,slaves,bacchus,etc.)


III - Special medium size          U$ 45

(Cats , chrysalids , winged beings , fairies , elfs , unicorns , etc.)


IV - Large size          U$ 70

(Cocks , vultures , etc.)


V - Larger masks    U$ 80

(Satan , Neptune , Poseidon , Bauta , etc.)


VI - Eclipses , sticked suns , etc.  , etc.    U$ 90


VII - Italian Comedy

Big -nosed                         U$ 80

"Nosy"                     U$ 80

Capitano   (without moustache)        U$ 120

Half mask Pantalone            U$ 120

Dottore                         U$ 120

Capitano                       U$ 150

Arlequino                      U$ 150

Pantalone                       U$ 150

Briguella                        U$ 150

Pulcinella                        U$ 150



VIII - Special Masks From        U$  150  on

(Veiled moon, full moon , large sun , theater masks , animals , exhibition masks, equipments , sculptures , etc.)