Leather mask. Moustache made of horse mane.
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DOTTORE XV: The importance of weightlessness

Il DOTTORE wears either half a black mask or a natural color one , which only covered his forehead and nose . The player colored his cheeks in red .
Duchartre said : " The peculiar mask which only covers his forehead and nose is designed to expose the wine color mole (spot from birth) that disfigured a jurist of that age. This character , surely taken as the mask model , became the prototype of "il Dottore" . This tradition still continues unchanged among the "comedia dellŽarte" lovers. Ocasionally , a huge movable wart hung from one of his cheeks . The nose , fairly big and fleshy , reddish on the lower end due to his wine addiction , leans on two thick black moustaches with tips twisted upwards.
"Il Dottore" is the least mobile mask on the stage , is the mask that speaks more and says nothing.