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Although the ass is supposed to be the symbol of ignorance , it universally stands for obscurity and even satanic tendencies . Linked with the underground world ; impure among the orphics ; guardian of the deads´region in India ; in Egypt , the red ass is one of the most dangerous entities that spirit meets on its way beyond death ; in the Egyptian saturnalias, the red -haired ass incited lust.
Hated by Isis , this animal was identified with Set , the ancient god of the Egyptian desert . On this deserted land lived the onager (wild ass) , who yearly killed his brother Osiris , Isis´husband and brother.
The ancient demon - Set , the summer Onager (solar god with ass´ears) - is metamorphosed into Bottom , the weaver - ass headed actor - , thanks to Puck and by means of William Shakespeare´s expertise in "Midsummer night´s dream".